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I saw the idea of a Dewalt Coil Nailer online and wanted to have some fun with the idea on tool forums. After a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, this is the result. This would be high on my tool wish list if it was real, just because its easily the most evil looking power tool Ive seen. You can see how it was made in reverse below, and yes it shoots but not nails.

The pics above show first the NERF Rayven toy gun the nailer is based on. I split it down, then sanded off the raised writing and pattern. Primed it, then masked off the gun and painted it with a Rover Yellow. Let that dry and mask off again to add the black. Once assembled I rubbed on silver accents to give a worn aluminium look except on the handles. Attach some Dewalt decals from the back of battery chargers and a big logo down the side, then some pictures with Dewalt case and masonry nails in view and add it to a few tool forums to see who gets fooled :)