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If you can get hold of one, the Race Logic Traction Control System is astounding on Lotus based cars. Whether its just for safety to catch that 888 shod back end on the roads on a damp patch or to experience launch control and full throttle exits from a track hairpin while the turbo spins up and the VXT bullets forward.

Below is an instruction created by our dot-DE friends for the Speedster Turbo. Personally I have fitted these systems in a different way, with and without the digi adjuster, but the information below was invaluable to me (a huge thanks to the guy who put this together) and I did build the suggested filter, though some argue that different positioning of components may negate the need for it.

Also don't rush to blame unexpected activations on interference, VX's can be more than 16 years old so the ABS rings on your hubs may be corroded, dirty or one or more wheels may be feeding back a weak ABS signal, so consider replacing hubs (they are just Astra/Vectra hubs so very cheap) when fitting the RLTC to eliminate this.

(Its worth bearing in mind that if you are not using a digi adjuster, you can mount the controller in the boot near your injectors and pick up the RPM signal from the ignition button hold off relay (big one on the right) in the boot left hand side.)

Aug 2018: As RLTC is no longer available, consider this similar alternative: RACETCS  and the VX220 Group Buy.