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Have you got skills to finish this and maybe have an interesting car of your own... fancy a swap?

I'm at a stage in life where I just want to work on as many different interesting cars as possible, I'm not worried about values or speculation, my idea of fun is being in the workshop making stuff, one car at a time, so whatever car you see below and at any stage of its build, I'll consider a swap for anything interesting.

If we do a swap, I'll complete the ongoing part of my project before handing it on with all parts and spares for you to either enjoy as is or to take the project in your own direction.

Any interesting car or any stage of project of any value considered, just click here.

The picture above shows the current car as it sits:  

1987 Pininfarina Alfa Romeo Spider Aerodynamica, 2.0 twin Cam RWD.

Driving: Yes    MOT: Yes      Mileage: 71000   Value now:       Value Completed:

Interior: Beautiful original wood wheel and knob, no rips or wear on the seats, new heater console facia fitted, soft top has no rips or holes. Passenger window wire needs to be repaired. Boot release pull is loose.

Ongoing job: The front and rear bumpers have been removed to be refurbished and painted in original Silver/black with all new rubber mouldings. The front and rear spoilers are being replaced with new items from Classic Alfa.

Comes with: Around £1200 of new parts from Classic Alfa, super rare Pinin 3 window heated hard top.

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