On this page you will see some previously non functioning 'Bomb Disposal Robots', I have recommissioned with new controls for use in displays, television and movie productions. You'll notice that I am using a lot of industrial control components and arranging things, not just for compactness, but for robustness and access. This is because, when they leave my workshop, the owners may need to be able to maintain or modify these robots onsite themselves which may involve moving wiring around or adding components without fiddly resoldering work. I've given full functionality while making it easy to trace controls and replace parts. Where there are one off control components, I have made spare, pre-programmed direct replacements and added them to the spares kit along with wiring diagrams.

EOD Robots that are circa 80s/90s/00's would mostly have been cable controlled back to a purpose built vehicle kitted out with the movement, video and sensor controls, but where requested, I am converting them to radio control and building either hand-held or suitcase controls that are sympathetic to the military engineering style of the day. All of the robots have had badly corroded or destroyed components that required repair or restoration.

1980's Wheelbarrow N.Ireland with full actuation and track control,operating camera and shotgun trigger mech via period style hand held cable command.

1993 Cyclops, Ireland. Full actuation and track control with additional channels for accessories (claw, weapon etc). CCTV, illumination and full radio control from suitcase type command.

1994 Cyclops Middle East. Full actuation and track control with multiple specialist cameras, radiation sensors and IR. CCTV, illumination and control via handheld radio controller and suitcase monitor.