Lotus Nelson Manta Exige

This one is from waay back in 1999, the car was originally aqua blue and quite rough, gear translator issues, oil eaks and generally uncared for. After fixing the mechanical side throughout, changing clutch, timing belt, supsension etc, I remade the internal engine panels in carbon fibre and altered the rear so you could look in and see the shinyness (as in 1999 we were all still a little bit in awe of carbon fibre). I also remoulded the rear bumper and made a twin exhaust so it looked more like a V8 from behind. I restored the interior blue leather, but remade the dash in carbon. The car eventually went to Holland.

Jeremy bought this about a month ago (2023) and it was a great buy, but is suffering from some bad repairs, like the head bolts all being replaced by M12 screwed rod and nuts and many of the bolts around the engine are stripped causing fluid leaks. The interior is all there, but needs pulled out and restored. Lotus 80's electrics don't age well so theres a bit of work there too. I've done some minor jobs to get it going so he can drive it, but I'm struggling for time on this (sorry Jeremy) to other jobs done.

Connors 88 Esprit is in stunning condition, it was in the workshop so Connor, Simon and I could upgrade the suspension, change the clutch and timing belt and tidy some other bits.