Around 2015 or so myself and a couple of friends bought some 944 Turbosto use on track, we had four or five at one point between us. This made perfect sense at the time as they are great handling, fast car with the rear gearbox and you could buy them for two and a half to four grand (remember that?) This one I paid £2400 for and it had 240,000 miles on the clock. We built cages for all the cars ourselves, stripped them out and went racing, awesome, awesome fun, though we got a little carried away with the boost and popped a few head gaskets. On this one, I had the usual repairs to sills and trim, it had the MO30 pack with big brakes etc and for a high miler the engine was in amazing condition, only needing a minor rebuild. These were cheap trackday fun before the prices climbed and they became other peoples garage queens.