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Opel Manta Engine and Body Conversions

Nelsons and Robbies A-Series V8

Fergals 16v Asona 400R

Simons i240R 16v

Aarons 16v Exclusive

Hilmerssons Turbo and Supercharged A-series

Stevies 4x4 Cosworth Manta400 build

Trevs i240R 16v GTE

Henks 400R build

John McCarthys Ascona 400 restoration

Simons Magard Droop Snoot Firenza

Engine Conversions from the original Manta400.com site

Philips i200 (with one of my 400Rs behind)

The original Manta400.com site and Yahoo Group was closed at the start of 2011 after 12 years as the number one Manta and Ascona 400 builders and restorers site. As we built these cars we documented how to make one off parts, fit V8s, 16vs, 6cyl engines and build stronger sharper bodykits than anyone else offered at the time.

Sadly I did not have a complete offline copy of the vast site after a hard drive crash meaning I could not recreate it when the host closed down without the effort of rebuilding the huge 500 page site from scratch.

Replacing it is this simple personal site featuring some of our cars from the original site. I hope you all enjoyed the original Manta400.com, from it came a successful club, stunning cars with ever higher build standards and lifelong friendships.  Nelson

Some pics of one of my many Red Top 16v conversions. Look at the sharp lines of the removable kit, all done by hand, and how components are suspended so the i200 shell is not extensivley changed, this was a two year build way back in 2005, preceded by my V8 and Supercharged Mantas with several intervening 16v Red Top conversions in Asconas, Kadetts and Mantas.