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Vauxhall (with a bit of Lotus magic) made a 4.5 second 0-60 turbo car over 20 years ago......and its so astounding, I've had two, so far!

Below are some pics of both my VX220Turbos. P40LVX was extensivley modified with every worthwhile track upgrade, from brakes to charge cooling to every suspension component and it was awesome on track. N66VXT was an exercise in making the car look completely original, for the road, but with hugely upgraded parts and it shared things like 4-channnel ABS and RaceLogic TC systems for safety that I also fitted to the track car. From both these cars came many innovations, carbon and kydex one-off parts, alloy fittings and even a new heater design that is now manuifactured by T7.

"I've just driven a two-seat convertible which handles like a Lotus Elise, goes faster than a Porsche Turbo and costs less than a Ford Mondeo. Its called the VX220 Turbo and even though it does 0 to 60 in four seconds and has the same chassis as the Lotus, it only costs £27,000 and unlike most cars of this type, it has an airbag, satellite navigation, anti-lock brakes and a hood which can be removed in less than two weeks. Its British too. On the Top Gear test track, it was a sensation. One of THE most exciting and perfectly balanced cars I have EVER tried. So who do we have to thank for this wonder car?"